Healing Virtue Box

I have been blessed to create a lot through my brand however one particular line I have made has so much meaning for me. This Healing Virtue Box. When I say God just blessed my soul with the revelation of this. I am blessed so much. I am a walking miracle. I have had Cancer twice and 6 months ago on my death bed. This was birthed through all of that. The sleepless nights when nothing made sense. The worrying, not knowing MY purpose here.  It was like he weaved it all together to make sense and from that this was birthed!! This Box is meant to encourage, uplift, be apart of your journey, and to remind you others have fought and are with you!! Comes with 2 candles..2 (6) pack wax melts, .. Linen/room spray with anointing oil to help set the atmosphere and tassel for books or wherever you want to place it and my testimony card of my journey of healing!!

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