You never know!!

I have not blogged in a bit, however, I wanted to express some. As some of you may know I have been sick. I went to emergency for stomach pains, and within hours I was rushed into surgery for bowel obstruction. While recouping from that things went downhill I went into respiratory failure which scared me so much. Then I end up having an infection in my body. Something I thought would be a simple surgery turned into so much more. I ended up in 3 hospitals the last being there for 53 days some of that time spent in ICU. During this time I was showered with so much love from family, friends, and my church family. When I tell you heaven was bombarded on my behalf. I remember wondering at a point in my life if I died would I be missed, would people care. God showed me how many people lives I have touched. He also showed me that I have a purpose here and he needs me. Before I got sick I thought things were falling in place with my life but he has shown me how precious life is and how we can fall into routine and miss the bigger picture. I want to encourage you not just walk through life but to really enjoy life. No matter how things maybe hard or seem impossible there is PURPOSE!!! From all that I went through for 3 months, I am here nothing major wrong, with my right mind. That is nothing short of a MIRACLE!!

Me in hospital.

Me yesterday July 4th. But God!!!

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