Hello and it has been awhile since I have written. I have taking a class to expand my knowledge, business is good, new relationship, and with all that the person that has me writing is my great great grandmother. I was honored to have her for 99 years. My Aunt such a strong women. The bond they shared was such a joy.. She NEVER complained about grandma. She knew truly how special she was, who God created. To sit and hear the different people talking about my grandma in the past tense just made no sense. Even though she was 99 I still thought she will be here for much longer because she is the anchor of the family, the beginning of our generations. Who lives that long and just be a true women of God. Arletha Keaton.. The history she shared, I remember going to her when I had a assignment and interviewing her.. I knew how blessed we were to have her. I will forever be changed by my granny. I'm not saying goodbye just I will see you...♥️

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