Do you know your Worth?

Do you believe in soulmates? I am still a dreamer, still believe in true love. Love at first sight. I believe that there is someone on this Earth that God created just for me. I have friends that laugh at me because I do believe that and I think for each it's own, but I am open to that. Even after divorce I still believe. I am a very open person about my life because I believe that my testimony will help someone on their journey of life. I want to encourage someone no matter how you may have been hurt by past relationships to still believe. Don't settle because you are worth so much more. The things that you want from a person , kind of the deal breakers don't settle. I have settled before and I know my worth is so much more. We sometimes as women will settle because we don't think he is out there, or you settle just to say you have a man. NOPE don't do it. One thing I have learned the very hard way that settling never ends like you want. A big thing I hear is I don't have sex he want stay. Not true if he knows your standards for you,and and he wants to be with you. That will not be in issue. The person God has created for us will wait with  us. Sex does not keep a man in no way or fashion. That is why you have to know your worth and stand up for  it. If you don't who will? Be comfortable with being single .This is time for you to Get to know you!!! Pray as some may laugh, tell God the type of person you want, and leave it there. Focus on you. I used to be one that felt a man completed me just because of all I went through but I took time to myself allowed myself time to heal. Keyword HEAL. Acknowledged my worth, and stop settling. The door opened for someone who knows my worth. Someone who I am thankful for everyday because I experienced bad relationships so this is such a breath of fresh air. Butterflies when I think of how good he is. The simple things like flowers just because I was thinking of you. I was one who used to feel I was not worthy of this, but I know now I am and so much more. I just want to encourage that women that has dealt with some bad relationships, that you are worth the wait. You don't have to settle because God has created someone for us we just have to be patient and trust... Please visit our page and read our other blogs and shop....

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