This is Personal.

I was talking to someone today that is pretty special to me.. Talking about my past relationships things that were good and the bad. As you all may or may not know I was married and was not the healthiest relationship​ but it taught me so much. My foundation was not the best from the beginning. I was abused sexually when I was a young girl let's just say by family friend. That shaped my childhood and my adulthood actually.  Each relationship that I had from a young age was derived from some part of that abuse that I went through.Meaning none of my relationships we're healthy because I was so broken and just was looking for someone to love me. Fast forward to when I met my ex husband that was a time when I thought I was in love at some point I was but still broken. I did not begin to work on me until I was separated going through Chemo and God had me by myself. Yes I was in relationships after Cancer but still was working on myself so still not the healthiest. Going through that time I did not smile alot, my self worth was low, didn't know my beauty. Here I am 40, Beautiful, Smile all the time because I have spent time in his presence (God) and I  know my worth. Now prior to this point I have asked God to send me "My Husband" , was I ready then NO, and if he would of sent him then I would of ruined it. Now you have sent this man at a time when I was not expecting him, was ok with just being me, at the time where I know my worth and not willing to sacrifice. At a time where I can appreciate him. Appreciate what a healthy relationship is. How you should be treated by a you don't settle. This was on my heart because we are not dealt a picture perfect life, whatever hand we are dealt we have to make the best of it. We can have a pity party for ourselves or we can learn ,grow, and move on. I want to encourage people that are dealing with abuse, divorce, low self esteem, anything that may have you doubting yourself. You are beautiful and wonderfully made. God created you from his imagine.... Encouraging through my testimony. If you want to read more of my blogs go to

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