The Wait

When you have been single for so long and finally meet someone how do you know he is worth your time? I used to get advice from friends now I pray on it , talk to God.. He knows me the best, he knows my heart desires for a mate... I have dated guys and omgoodness looking back I definitely did not consult him regarding them. When your single for a bit sometimes it's hard to let your guard down to allow someone in. This guard I have built for protection of my heart I have to remember not to allow that be the reason I don't let anyone in.  Life is so short here one minute gone the next. I remember that , and that is why I know I may get hurt but at least I loved, I was open to this person. I have a tendency of scrutinizing everything and by doing that sometimes you will push out people that God has placed in your life... Being single you build this wall independence and we have to remember we can be that but that is not who we are. Someone I follow on IG who life was cut tragically short said  Living everyday likes it's my birthday #ZDaGreat... I have adopted that model with dating and love.

     I am divorced but not bitter and I say that because sometimes going through a divorce takes so much from you, you are wounded.  I do believe in true love, soulmates. I believe for me that is possible. I believe every relationship you should learn something from it, actually learn something about your self more... Now learning this you should be able to decipher who you should give your time to and who you shouldn't. Being single is a time to know yourself, know what you like and just enjoy life... Falling in love may require some disappoints along the way but it will be worth it. Follow our Blog group on Facebook Sweetly Blogging.. Visit our site enjoy some of our past blogs.

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