Being an African American woman entrepreneur I have run across alot that I get more support from other races when I do vendor shows. I literally was on Facebook on a page for African American entrepreneurs, and I scrolled and people were putting up product no likes, comments nothing. Then I went on a page same concept but different race some of the African American had placed product up and had comments, likes people were interested.  When I do shows I normally do mixed shows because shows that are mostly African American most times I do not do as well as others. Don't take it as I don't do African American shows I normally  do if someone ask me because from experience I sell more product at mixed shows.  I am speaking from experience and also feedback from other entrepreuners. I have been doing vendor shows for over 3years. It is sad to me that our race does not support each other as other races support one another. To me that is why other races are futher in life business wise then the African American race. Am I saying if you are African American then you can only buy from African American NO. I am saying that if the product is worth it buy it. Don't ask if you can get it for a lessor price, or do you have a two for deal. I always say do you go into Yankee candle and say I know the price says $25.00 but can I buy it for $20.00 NO you pay that price, so please do the same for me. Just because I push out my kitchen does not devalue my product.

    Now even though I feel we should support each other , your product has to be worth my purchase. Don't expect me to buy because your African American. I expect quality, monetary value and a good product. I feel there is a disconnect alittle in our culture. I feel we don't help each other either. I feel there is a crab mentality. I myself answer people's questions they may have regarding candlemaking. I believe what God has for me my purpose is for me so helping someone does not change that. I love seeing entrepreneurs walk in their gift and if I can help I will. It's just sad everyone is not like that. If you want to read more of Sweetly Blogging just log on our site. www.sc4ucandles.com

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