This was put on my heart yesterday morning..... Being obedient I have to be.... I feel there are some people  that are walking in this. I feel that they have one face for everyone but when they get home to the real them they are suffering. Silently suffering inside, barely holding on. The day to day hustle and bustle of life weighs on them everyday​. When I was going through my divorce, that was a time in my life that I did not know what to do. I was with my ex husband for 14 years married 5 separated a year of that 5... I was with my ex husband during my twenties . He was what I knew. I was falling into depression towards the end of our marriage for many reasons. Being insecure, and low self esteem due to how he talked to me about me at times. Then when he cheated on me just gave me another level of insecurity. In public I smiled , functional but behind clothes door I just wanted to stay in bed, I didn't really want to do much with kids, friends, or family. But God is all I can say.. His mercy and Grace kept me... If you find yourself in this place, I encourage you to reach out I am here for you or someone you trust to help you. Let someone know the adversary wants to get us alone and unfocused on what God has for us but we LOVE YOU!! I want to encourage you, know that what you are dealing with is not too much. God gives us strength that we sometimes don't even understand. You are built for this, sometimes you need to reach out so you can get help but don't be embarrassed because we don't want to judge you just LOVE YOU. Catch up on all our blogs

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