What Motivates You?

  • What is your motivation? What motivates you to get up every morning and for some of us go to our 9-5 then get off and clock in as the boss. Then I'm sure at times we are working late or early morning hours. What motivates you that when you can not  think straight because you are juggling so much that you feel like if you drop something everything will be dropped. What motivates you to be a mother, wife, girlfriend, a friend, co worker, sister, spiritual friend, entrepreneur, and all the many more hats we wear? What motivates you that when your business may not be going as you thought to keep going. What motivates you through the tears of wandering if this is your path. What motivates you? My motivation is and has to be God. I know that he created me for such a time as this. I know he makes no mistakes and the journey we are on. I know he never promised it would be easy. I know being faithful will be where my blessings flow from. Different things motivate each of us, but you have to definitely tap into yours because when the time comes where you feel you can not do this, that is the moment you have to remember WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION. This past few weeks have really been a test for me, and the only thing that is anchoring me is My Motivator. God has shown my business to me as he see's it, and that motivates me to keep pushing when things seem unbalanced. Sometimes we have to step back and remember OUR MOTIVATION...  Read more of our Blogs www.sc4ucandles.com Visit and Shop..

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