Are you a Sharer or a Keeper?

I had someone ask  am I the type of entrepreneur that shares information with others or do not disclose anything.  This question came from me explaining that a fellow entrepreneur was asking where I had gotten a particular product from and I was letting them know. I have taught a class on candle making and I answer tons of question. By me teaching​ myself because I didn't have anyone to  ask sharing my knowledge is important. You never know where people are on their journey.  Just think about Pepsi you have so many different brands of pop , however what makes them different is that one key ingredient but that one key ingredient is what makes your company different. I talk and network with a lot of people and come across some that make it seem like what they are doing is top secret. They want help in no way. Truth be told the gift that God has is FOR YOU and no one can take that away. YOUR PURPOSE is personal! You have 2 people side by side same product but there is still something different about each of them that will draw a different customer. That is where knowing your purpose YOUR KNITCH in the market comes in play.  There is nothing wrong in sharing your knowledge because we are all learning and we all need the encouragement​ as entrepreneurs. What person are you? If you look and you are the person that doesn't share much it's never to late to change. We need your knowledge in your field . If you want to read more of our Sweetly Blogs visit Visit and SHOP. 

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