Always Learning.

I am a self taught entrepreneur. Everything I have learned I have taught myself however I have also googled, you tube, and ask A LOT of questions. I am the first business owner from my mom kids, so I didn't have family that I could go to that I am close with. When I say self taught I mean because I did not have prior experience in this field. As an entrepreneur or just being Brandy it is so very important that I task myself with always learning. No matter how many years I am in business I will be continuously learning. I take classes ALL the time. I am always looking for classes that will allow me to be a better entrepreneur. I feel that if I didn't I would be doing my customers and myself a disservice. The more I am open to learning, the better my product, advertising, marketing, finances, and exposure will be. I have encountered entrepreneurs that run their business, but have no desire to learn more and I feel that's sad because the way customers change so much WE have to always be thirsty for knowledge. Now I know that takes time out of a already busy schedule however it is crucial we do ,so we can stay fresh in our market. Now I work a full-time​ job, involved in my church, just involved in life period and I find away. Some days I may not get home until10pm but it is so worth it. I encourage if you have not taking a class or learned one new tool please take the time in doing​ so. Your customers will benefit and more importantly that's knowledge no one can take fromPopi you. If you like this blog please visit our sites read the others and SHOP. Sweetly Blogging.. 

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