Who are your Friends?

In life we encounter so many people that we cross paths with. When I was younger I thought EVERYONE was my friend literally but then I got hurt by a so called friend. At that point I realized everyone is not your friend. Fast forward to now as a female entrepreneur it is so important for me to have women that are on the same level as me in my circle. My Pastor preaches about this often. Jeremiah 3:15 “‘And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. Having a circle of people that can empower you, lift you up, when needed pray for you, encourage you when you are feeling down, that does not let you wallow when you get caught up in life. I call them powerhouses. When you start moving up levels in life it is key to have people around that are not jealous of the doors God opens for you , and not wishing you failure. I want people around me that when I am elevated they are happy as if it was them. We genuinely celebrate together. Grown Women friendships. If you like this blog read some others at www.sc4ucandles.com. 

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