When do you Step out on Faith?

When you are an entrepreneur sometimes we are working a regular job ( our 9-5) , and doing our business around that. When do you step out to run your business full time. I have been running my business online for about 2 years. Now I used to work at Time Warner in sales making decent money, however it did not allow me alot of time to for my business. I decided by my daughter's being older I was going to look for something else cut back on somethings and work my business. Well I found something, and put my notice in and quit , but that fell through and for about 3 months I was working just my business. Now that was almost two years ago so my business was in a different place, but definitely was not in the place for me to just be a full time entrepreuner. I started another full time job, but more flexible with their hours so I have time to run my business. I also realized that I have to wait till God opens the door for me to be able to run my business full time. Running my business is never supposed to be a burden. My rule of thumb ( from my Pastor) you will know when you need to run your business full time when you start missing out on orders because your full time job is not allowing you to fulfill them. Even when you want to only run your business full time we still have to be patient and wait until timing is perfect. Even though this maybe your passion and purpose we still have to be responsible for our daily living expenses and business expenses. I look at it like until that door is open. I am building my brand my customer base until God says it's time. God gives you vision and he will also make room for it. I stand on his promises.

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