What's the difference?

For those that follow my blogs you know I write about real life. Something I experience on a daily basis is how we support each other. Now when I say that I mean how different races support businesses​. I have experienced through doing different shows that people support your product differently but why is that? I do variety of shows but I have saw that depends on the show I will sell out vs selling a few things. Then I hear a lot of times from people that I talk with that the support is not there in the community . Yet we go to other culture establishments and pay the price and not question it. Then we question why other cultures are so advanced with business. We have to support all business however supporting our own is important and if you receive service of product that is not up to your standards reach out to them so they know your dissatisfied. We as business owners need to hear what our customers are saying. This only helps us to strive for excellence. I'm definitely not saying only support your own culture No but all businesses started small and local however growing into a empire takes support... If you want to read more of our blogs check out our website.

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