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  When you are an entrepreneur away of getting your brand and product out is vending at shows. When vending how do you decide what shows you will be apart of? Do you set a goal for yourself to consider a show a good one or not? I am recently getting back into doing vendor shows. I used to vendor alot then I stepped back to focus on some other parts of my business. Now that I am getting back into things I do not vend all shows. I actually am picky, I don't think all money is good. My brand is very important to me and it has been hard work so I am particular. Sometimes I pray about them because just not sure. Alot of times I am asked to do shows word of mouth regarding my product . I would advise you that you have to do what's best for your company but always look at the bigger picture. I truly believe when God gives you a gift he will make away for it. Financially he will provide so that is why I am particular where I do shows. I always set a goal for myself when I am doing shows regarding what I consider a good show. You have to figure what makes your show profitable. I say this because I have done shows in the beginning where I sold just a few items but the networking opportunity was priceless. That is how I met a couple and now I create candles for their company and that show I sold I think maybe $75.00 in product but the relationship that was formed years down the road has been such a blessing. Make sure you are aware of your assignment when you are vending. 

One of my first shows. 

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