Sweetly Blogging: It's not Easy

Whoever said being an entrepreneur was easy. No One Ever lol!! Building a business is one of the most time consuming part of being a business owner. 

    The first years you are focused on getting your brand out . This time necessarily is not going to be huge sales because your building and that's ok. I have found that I sacrifice alot of my time and wants to make sure my business is ok. My business currently runs on its own meaning that my sales that I make I turn around and invest back into my business. Now eventually I will reach out to  get help financially but I have something's I need to accomplish first. Very important not biting off more then you can chew finance wise because you don't want to be in a hole.

    During the time you are building you just want to make sure you are intentional about taking time to yourself. If not it's easy for you to get burnt out . Then you are good for no one. Being an entrepreneur is one of the best feelings, so rewarding, but it just comes with alot and you have to be ready for the ups and downs. Not for the weak hearted. The long nights and early mornings are so worth it for me . I would not change that for anything. 

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