Someone wanted to give me some advice regarding my candle line  but didn't know if I would take it the wrong  way. I have been making candles for about 5 years around but running as a business the last 3 years. I learned how to make candles from reading a book DIY . Now my first candles were these big pillar size. Then I took a break to revamp and get clarity of what my business was supposed to be. Then I started back to what you see now. When you have a gift and God has called you to it , he will Not let you sit in it but I will save that for another blog! My candle learning thus far has been self taught and going out and seeking ways in perfecting my craft. Along this journey I get all the time people advising me in what I should make, what products I should carry and others telling how to run my business. In the beginning I use to take in every idea someone gave me. I started feeling overwhelmed .. Then a wise woman at my church told me to write down the ideas and put them away just because they give it to you does not mean you need to receive it. Tell them thank you. I have to make sure when it's all said and done what was the vision that God placed in my heart. As long as you follow his lead, he will take your business to levels that you couldn't even imagine. He also will place people in your life to help you with your business so you have to make sure you know when to listen and when to just say thank you.

I humbly say thank you for all my supporters, and my teachers without you I could not do this!!

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