Dating while building a brand

My blogs are about real life my life, the things I face everyday... I am single have been since I divorced my ex husband. I was with my ex husband for 14 years married 5 however we divorced when he was unfaithful because for me that was a deal breaker.

    Now I am single and dating but what I run into now is trying to balance meeting guys and yet still building my brand. I am always having this conversation with God because the doors he is opening for my business I am like ok Good must not be my time yet for dating. Trying to give someone attention while building is hard for me because my business is like a baby needs to be nutured and cared for.  At times I can go a period without talking because I'm working on an order, or a new line. When I meet guys I do tell them I have a business that I focus on alot . When I'm working I'm truly focusing on my craft. Soooo where does the balance come in. How do you meet someone get to know them and yet still build your brand. Especially when your business is in a place of growth right now. The struggle of dating..

Sweetly Blogging...

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