Forty Club = Blessed

   I normally blog about my business and candles however I wanted to talk about joining the 40 Club. I will be turning forty in a little over a week June 25th. I always have so many people tell me I don't look forty and I am very thankful for that. I've heard how when you turn forty you go through mid life crises or start feeling some type of way. Well all month I have been so excited turning forty I don't know what they were referring to, not me, I'm looking forward for my birthday till yesterday. I was at work having a ok day then I got emotional because I just started thinking of my personal life, my business, and just in my feelings. Now for my birthday I will be on the beach, months ago I decided I was not be turning forty in Ohio.  Then I was talking to a friend , and I had to remind myself these forty years how much I have been through and how much God has blessed me. The fact that I was healed twice of Cancer literally saving my life there truly is no time for me to wallow in feelings about turning forty. It is a blessing​ because some have not made it. I look at turning forty as a time for me to reflect and appreciate the days I am fortunate to see. All days will not be perfect days but they are opportunities to be great in my way. 

This first picture is my daughter and I when I was doing chemo. That was 6 years ago so  I have no choice but to be thankful. 

Comment what did you do when you turned forty and how you felt?

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