My Customers

   Yesterday I dropped an order off for a customer. She is a very loyal customer and I say that because she orders candles All the time. I went to her beautiful home and was talking with her and her husband was there as well and he proceeded to tell me how much he enjoyed my candles and spray. He placed an order for some product. When I got in the car I just started to think about how humbled I am. 

   This is just one customer, there are so many stores that go like this. I say this not to be cocky but to show how grateful I am. Everytime someone places an order it is confirmation that I am living my purpose. When they place their orders it is sowing into fertile ground. When I create these orders, each order blesses me, each one I treat like the first order I received. I know that a customer can buy candles from anywhere but they bought from me and I am humbled. Customers testimonies about how they enjoy my candles, how they burn them through tough times, and how they feel better when the smell is dancing through their homes. 

   God blessed me after having Cancer twice, he kept me for a reason. When you finally find your purpose your passion in life and you walk unapologetically in it it's like a peace within you that God gives you that can't be explained. All I want is to please him with his business he entrusted me in running.  I am thankful for ALL my customers who see the vision and support me as they do. For someone to say we do not buy any other candles but Sweetlycreated4u  **tears because that blesses my soul. They see it, they see the vision. 

   My customers give my business life and I could not ask for anything more. Does no matter if I'm making candles from my kitchen or they are being manufactured through a distributor each one will still be special because this feeling I have will forever keep me humble. I see so many doors will be opened because of his promise to me and I am just so thankful. For all my customers thank you words can not capture how I am so grateful for all of you that enjoy my candles, sprays, melts and all the other products I create for you!

With a humble heart I say thank you.


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