Early Mornings. Building your brand

   I am a early riser. My most productive time is definitely morning. Working on some events so customers are able experience our candles in person. I am very selective with what events we are apart of because yes it is about making money so your company can function. The bigger picture  however is building your brand.

   When you are building your brand I believe the doors will open for the financial part to be taking care of. For me this is not a hobby it's a lifestyle! That is why I surround myself with like minded people entrepreneurs because of the days when I question this journey they keep me on track. Building a brand and creating this legacy for my daughter's is hard, but when I let my thoughts drift to where I see this business it is so worth it. Brand building is the marketing peice it sets the tone with how people see your business. That is why it's so important that when you are out and about you still are representing your brand because everyone can be a potential customer.  

  The story behind my logo that represents my brand. When I first started I had a few different "logos" however when I stopped making candles in the beginning for a bit the logo was the first change. I found this designer on Etsy and I gave her some ideas I had. She said I'm going to send a questionnaire regarding your business. Filled it out she came back with my logo but she also had another design. When I first saw my heart went to the girl, but then I asked her what she thought. She said if you want to be in stores and want something that fits in I would choose the second logo. I said yeah that makes since however something was not sitting with me about that logo. I prayed on it and God showed me a different vision with the logo that resembles my daughter. He said my product is not the regular candle, so when it is sitting on shelves in the store I want it to stand out. Something different about this candle people will see. I picked the girl I just asked her to change her clothes to blue to represent Colon Cancer Awareness colors.

   Don't allow people to tell you what they think your logo or brand should be, because you never know the impact. I get so many people that love my logo, all backgrounds. When I do shows I get compliments on my presentation of my brand. Branding is so vital for a business you just want to make sure it's in line with your vision.  

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