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I wanted to introduce and to some re introduce myself. I am  Brandy Ownerwner and Creator of Sweetlycreated4u handmade soy scented candles. I started about 6 years ago when I was going through chemo for 3rd stage Colon  and Thyroid Cancer. Making candles was my way of focusing on something other then Cancer at the time. It brought peace. I started from getting a DIY book on Candle making at the libary. I made candles for about a year then I stopped because it didn't feel complete. Customers were not coming back fast . During my break I fasted and just connected more with my faith . Allowing his (God) vision to be laid out. After that I revamped everything the logo, the candles and just focused . I have not looked back since. As a business we have been official for 3 years, and the last two have been amazing. We are growing! We had the pleasure of being in a bridal magazine (Today's Bride), located in Market Path Market locally. We have two companies we have create candles for their business, and recently received shout out from Judi Jai from Bad Girls Club (super excited)

. Now blogging with Swag her magazine. I tell my testimony all the time to encourage others. Being an entrepreneur is hard but every tear, everything​ is so worth it especially when you know you are called for this.. Good Morning and make the most of this amazing day..

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