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Payment and Shipping
We want to make sure all payments are secure we process through PayPal and shipments are mailed out within 5-7  business days of order​.
Returns & Refunds
Candles are not returnable due to changing your mind about scent .
Please contact us if there is a question with your candles when you receive them. If your package is damaged when you receive it please reach out to let us know within 5 days, and a picture will also need to be submitted showing the damage for our records
Candle Memory
How you burn your candle from the first light will set the tone for your candle memory. When you light your candle please allow your candle to burn all the way across, doing this will keep your candle from tunneling when you re-light it.
for future use
Custom Orders are not Refundable
All Candles are handmade and though they will be very similar they may not be exactly the same. 
All candles are created from 100% soy wax which allows for a longer burn time  7-8 hours per every 2 ozs.
Contact Us

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