Colon Cancer  Awareness. this candle is dear to my heart. I am a 3rd stage Colon Cancer survivor.  I wanted away to give back  , and this particular line of candles was placed in my spirit last year. At the time I did not know the purpose however this year my Awareness Line was birthed.  Each candle purchased a part of the proceeds will be donated back to Colon Cancer Alliance

Autism Awareness: My brother Markus came into my life when 1993 and I thought it would be kind of neat to have a younger brother. As I got to know Markus I realized that he was a very sweet boy, however he had a speific routine. Through the years of growing to know and love Markus, I now understand what the face of Autism is. My brother is one of the sweetest, and smartest,  men that you would ever meet. Proceeds from the candel sales will go back to Autism Society


Joshua died September 28, 2017 due to a heroin overdose. He was only 22, and had been fighting this horrible battle for almost 3 years. He truly wanted to beat this and live a different life than that of an addict. He wanted to be able to get up everyday and go to work and come home to his own place and spend time with his family,  but the power of the addiction prevented him from having that. I always believed he would somehow beat this, as long as he was breathing I had hope.

Joshua was more than what most knew of him. He grew up with 5 siblings and parents that loved him unconditionally. He grew up loving Star Wars, playing baseball and riding his bike. He loved his mama with his whole heart and had the utmost respect for his father. His sibling's meant the world to him. He wanted to be a history teacher and at one point was enrolled in college. He loved music and watching movies and playing video games. He was the peace keeper of the family, with a kind and forgiving heart. He didn't have any enemies because there was not a mean bone in his body. He was a faithful and loyal friend to many and loved to laugh. His closest friends and family will always remember the Josh before the darkness consumed his happiness and turned him down a dark and lonely path. We will remember the days before drugs consumed him, the days he could laugh and sing to happiness-life's greatest song.

The majority of society has decided that an addict is not worth saving, that they are merely a worthless human being. They are people just like our Josh with hopes and dreams fighting for their life against this demon every day. An addict needs to feel your love, and your hope in them. Recovery is possible, and we must not lose hope in our loved ones fighting this war. Proceeds help locally Akron, Ohio.