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Diagnosed in 2011, I refused to let this verdict dash my hopes and dreams so during chemotherapy treatments to destroy the disease that seem to stake its claim on my Colon and later my Thyroid, I  found life in candle-making

I immediately noticed a change in my mental and physical state. Making candles brought such peace and tranquility lowering  the stress and anxiety created by the Cancer diagnosis and rigorous treatment, I  tapped into my  creative side and poured myself into learning how to make one-of-a-kind candles. Finding  inspiration in desserts and SweetlyCreated4U was born. I  combined my  sweet tooth with candle making to create life-like works of food art that anyone can afford. In an effort to share the same calm with other Colon Cancer patients and their families, I   partnered with Colon Cancer Alliance to offer a candle in honor of Colon Cancer awareness . Proceeds from each candle sale will go to support a cure for this dreadful disease also go towards a local organization in Akron, Ohio.